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Adaptive IP Services - Open for Business!


Adaptive IP Services provides customers a Digital Signage Solution like none other.

Our Saas (Cloud) Digital Signage Solution allows customers to drop images into their drop-box folder(s) to update their screens but more importantly, our customer service and the ability to partner with our clients is our true niche.

Just imagine seeing the same live TV but in the top right and/or bottom right of the screen you would be able display your ads in efforts to bring customers back for other services or push products faster since you have a captive audience.

With our solution being Cloud based it means it will work no matter where the screen is located as long as it has a connection to the Internet. Our units support wired and wireless connections.

You update the content via our easy to use Internet web portal or via your drop-box and all units (anywhere in the world) automatically update their screens!

I am by no means a sells person but if anything would love to connect with potential customers to see if our solution is a good fit.

I can be reached at

Wishing you and yours a happy and successful 2016!

David Boggs Founder and CEO Adaptive IP Services (888) 382-7685- office/fax

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