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If your signage solution is not easy to use or manage, it's not Adaptive!

It all started when our Founder and CEO, David Boggs was working for a Fortune 500 company and realized his innovative mindset converted an expensive digital signage solution into one that could be easily updated and managed by the company’s Corporate Communication’s department.

David created a simple drag-and-drop solution so signage screens could be updated as often as desired and by almost anyone. A friend of the CEO came by the office to see what he’d done and right away wanted David to do the same for his company.


After spending a year and a half working on a business model and another 18 months in a test market, Adaptive IP Services finally launched.


Originally set to offer a range of IT services, it quickly became apparent that Adaptive would be of greater value to the business community by offering a premier digital signage delivery system that's easy for almost anyone to use and update from just about anywhere in the world.


What is digital signage? It’s something you’ve seen, probably used, but just didn’t have a name for.


You might see one of Adaptive’s digital screens at a restaurant displaying pricing, photos of menu items, ingredients, nutritional facts, and other food information. And with the Adaptive IP system, employees of that restaurant can make menu updates with a simple drag and drop. You might see our signage on the floor, walls, or ceiling of a museum. You could see them in an airport broadcasting news, weather and local, location-specific information, such as fire exits, and traveler updates. Corporations can use digital signage for corporate messaging, health and safety news, and brand recognition and to help reduce perceived wait times when their customers are waiting in queue.


“Our goal was to take the complexity out of digital signage,” David said. “Our customers can make changes to as many locations as they want by simply going
to our online portal. Once there, they can pull content from an existing website or drag and drop a file into a Dropbox folder and the content will automatically display on their digital signage screens at as many locations as they indicate.  We work with customers from conception to design to implementation, and continue to work with our customers by providing support and consultation post installation.” And by thinking innovatively, Adaptive IP Services is able to save their clients a bundle.


experts of the above information and style credited to Mimi Knight - Freelance Writer

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CNet News

“I was working for a

Fortune 500 company,”

he said. “We’d invested

almost a million

dollars in a digital

signage solution, but

it was too complex for

most of the employees

to operate.”

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