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Digital Signage Features

Adaptive provides a feature-rich digital signage platform that offers flexibility and control over content, portal access, scheduling, and advanced delivery features.


User-friendly Features
User-friendly Features

"What's the use in having a digital signage solution if no one is able to keep the content updated?  This is why Adaptive's digital signage solution focuses on ease-of-use." David J. Boggs, Founder and CEO

Drag-and-Drop Content Updates
When you add or remove images from a specified folder, one or all of your screens update without having to log into the customer portal.



  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive


  • Shared Network Drives

Easy to Use Web-Interface

From any known browser, quickly access our versatile and customizable web-based user interface. The flexible user interface consists of simple to use tools for optimal digital signage communication.


The user interface has an easy to use menu bar, consisting of five sections: Content, Content Store, Analysis and Reporting, Network Management, and Support

Easy to Customize Layouts

Our full feature layout designer allows you to easily create multiple sections for various ads.  The drag and drop functionality along with the background and overlay features make it easy to create stunning layouts in minutes..


It’s extremely fast and easy to design a layout.  No technical experience is necessary. In fact, you can create a layout in less than five minutes.  Additionaly, it’s very easy to maintain and change a layout for your digital signage monitor even after it's been published.

Built-in Content
Built-in Content

Out of ideas on how to keep you screens fresh with new content?  No problem, we have 100s of apps and widgets to help keep your customers and employees engaged with your screens.

Over 20 Video and Audio Streams

Video streams are a great way to quickly give your screens life as well as easily capture your audiences attention.


Here is a list of just a few:

  • CBS News

  • Bloomberg Television

  • TED Video

  • Animal Planet

  • Washington Post Video News

  • Sky News

Social Media Embedded Modules

Use your existing social media content to easily update your screens.  Our built-in modules help you easily access your social medial content.


YouTube Videos     Google Calendar        Pinterest Content

Facebook Posts      Twitter Bubbles           Twitter Timeline

9GAG Content       MetaCafe Content      500px Content

News and Financial Content

Keep your audience up-to-date with the latest news headlines, sports or financial information.


Here is a list of just a few:

  • Yahoo News

  • Sky Sports News

  • CBS News

  • CNN Podcast

  • CNN Money

  • Vertical Stock Banner

  • Stock List

  • Stock Scroll Bar

Weather, Traffic, and Calendar Content

Your audience will always be kept up-to-date with weather forecasts, traffic patterns, and upcoming events using our easy to use apps from our app store.


  • 1, 3, and 5 day forecasts

  • Google Maps Content (traffic, etc.)

  • Google Calendar App

  • Event Listing App

  • FlightStats Content

Live TV and Video
Live TV and Live Video

Do you have your own video source today?  Great, we support HDMI (Digital), Composite (Analog) and streaming over TCP/IP right into our systems!  You can decide to run your live feed at full-screen or choose a particular zone so as to share the screen with other information.

High Definition Video Output

The HDMI Capture card is equipped with HDMI and analog inputs via the included Dongle Cables.


Most devices will have HDMI outputs but Component, S-Video and Composite Video input interfaces are also supported..


Our digital signage media players allow you to connect to Cable/Satellite TV Set-Top-Box or other HD video devices to capture High Definition video content and display it on the digital signage screen.


With strong visual enhancement, the HDMI capture device will boost the graphics and content displayed on your screen. 

Live Streaming Over Network

If you only have 1 live source but you want to show your live feed on multiple screens then you are in good hands!


Our digital signage players support multiple streaming formats which allow you to stream your live broadcast to multiple screens at once without having to buy expensive hardware or set-up complex networks.


Call our sales team today for more information on how our live broadcast solutions can save you time and money!   (888) 382-7685 option 1

Analytics, Reporting, and Monitoring
Analytics, Reporting, and Monitoring

Need to see how your players or ads are working?  Our analytics, reporting, and monitoring dashboards  make  it easy for anyone to monitor your signage solution!

Analytics and Reporting

Inside of Analysis, there are two sections consisting of Dashboard and Reports. Network operators can immediately receive a customized report in just seconds.


The "Dashboard" section provides you with an overview of the network status, player status, content affiliate, storage, and running ads. The "Reports" section allows you to export or print a performance report, which includes the impression of any ads played on your network.

Network Monitoring and Player Health

Network monitoring provides the health status of your network. Under the Global view tab, in "Location and Displays", you can view live signals and snapshots of your displays. Simply hover your mouse over the snapshot display and a popup screen will reveal your player’s health status.


If you click on one of the campaigns listed in "Location and Displays" you will see a full health report of your player under the "Diagnostic" tab.  Receive information on a player’s health status, including CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, software version, and more.

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