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Live TV and Live Video

Do you have your own video source today?  Great, we support HDMI (Digital), Composite (Analog) and streaming over TCP/IP right into our systems!  You can decide to run your live feed at full-screen or choose a particular zone so as to share the screen with other information.

High Definition Video Output

The HDMI Capture card is equipped with HDMI and analog inputs via the included Dongle Cables.


Most devices will have HDMI outputs but Component, S-Video and Composite Video input interfaces are also supported..


Our digital signage media players allow you to connect to Cable/Satellite TV Set-Top-Box or other HD video devices to capture High Definition video content and display it on the digital signage screen.


With strong visual enhancement, the HDMI capture device will boost the graphics and content displayed on your screen. 

Live Streaming Over Network

If you only have 1 live source but you want to show your live feed on multiple screens then you are in good hands!


Our digital signage players support multiple streaming formats which allow you to stream your live broadcast to multiple screens at once without having to buy expensive hardware or set-up complex networks.


Call our sales team today for more information on how our live broadcast solutions can save you time and money!   (888) 382-7685 option 1

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