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Analytics, Reporting, and Monitoring

Need to see how your players or ads are working?  Our analytics, reporting, and monitoring dashboards  make  it easy for anyone to monitor your signage solution!

Analytics and Reporting

Inside of Analysis, there are two sections consisting of Dashboard and Reports. Network operators can immediately receive a customized report in just seconds.


The "Dashboard" section provides you with an overview of the network status, player status, content affiliate, storage, and running ads. The "Reports" section allows you to export or print a performance report, which includes the impression of any ads played on your network.

Network Monitoring and Player Health

Network monitoring provides the health status of your network. Under the Global view tab, in "Location and Displays", you can view live signals and snapshots of your displays. Simply hover your mouse over the snapshot display and a popup screen will reveal your player’s health status.


If you click on one of the campaigns listed in "Location and Displays" you will see a full health report of your player under the "Diagnostic" tab.  Receive information on a player’s health status, including CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, software version, and more.

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